Downtown Kalamazoo
Salsa Cook-Off


11am - 2pm

Spice Up Your Summer at the 2023
Downtown Kalamazoo Summer Salsa Cook-Off!

Join us on the Kalamazoo Mall from the Radisson to ROCA!
The HQ tent will be right outside of Cherri’s by the DJ booth.

Calling All Salsa Enthusiasts and Flavor Aficionados!

Get ready for an unforgettable summer experience that’ll leave your taste buds dancing. Just like chili warms your soul in the winter, the Downtown Kalamazoo Summer Salsa Cook-Off is here to sizzle up your summer in downtown Kalamazoo.

Check out the fun we had at the Chili Cookoff!

Groove to the Rhythms of DJ Mel-V

Feel the beat and let the music move you as DJ Mel-V sets the stage for an electrifying atmosphere that’ll have you dancing your way through the event.

In Partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Fiesta 

Double the fun! While you’re reveling in the salsa delights, don’t forget to explore the vibrant Hispanic Heritage Fiesta happening in Bates Alley on the same weekend. It’s a cultural celebration that adds even more excitement to your weekend plans.

Help Us Crown the 2023 Best Summer Salsa

We’re on a mission to find the most mouthwatering salsa creation of the year, and we need your taste buds to decide! Taste, savor, and cast your vote for your favorite salsa. Will your pick be the champion of 2023?

Grab a Beer or Margarita On the Go 

As you journey from tent to tent, enjoy the convenience of grabbing a refreshing beer or margarita to complement your salsa-tasting adventure. Sip, savor, and repeat! For a list of social district businesses, click here.

Fun for the Whole Family! 

The Downtown Kalamazoo Summer Salsa Cook-Off is a family-friendly event that promises a day filled with smiles, laughter, and deliciousness.

Admission is FREE! 

That’s right! You read it correctly – entrance to this summer fiesta is absolutely FREE. So, round up your friends, family, and neighbors for a day of culinary delights without breaking the bank.

Need a game plan for your salsa adventure?

Visit the Headquarters Tent

Stop by the headquarters tent to grab a handy map and pick up a bag of chips to get you started on your journey to discover the perfect salsa.

Get ready to dip, taste, and vote at the Downtown Kalamazoo Summer Salsa Cook-Off!


  • Start at Salsa Headquarters (TBA)
  • Get Your Bingo Card


  1. Start your salsa adventure by visiting participating businesses (see below).
  2. Taste & Enjoy
  3. Scan the QR code placed throughout the event to open the voting app and rank each chili as you go.


  • To vote, simply scan the QR code at each chili stop or on your bingo card. When you’re done tasting, simply click submit.
  • Winners will be crowned and given their trophy at 2:30pm.
  • 4 trophies being awarded: Best Retail, Best Restaurant, People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice.


The Garden Grille & Bar

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